Features Of Cadillac

Cadillac is a luxury brand and the largest of its kind in America. It was founded over 100 years ago, and it remains true to its heritage as a provider of luxury vehicles to this day. Frequently including luxurious features such as heated seats, leather interior, and a thin film transistor liquid crystal display; Cadillac cars have become possessed with an aura of prestige unmatched by other brands.

Features of Cadillac

1. Luxury

Even in the midst of a recession, Cadillac is immune to any reduction in sales. It is often thought that this is simply because Cadillac caters to those who crave luxury, but recent trends indicate this to be a misconception. Instead it seems that the brand’s luxuries are sufficient and sought after enough by consumers that even those who purchase less luxurious models are willing to pay for these extras. This provides for an excellent profit margin despite the downturn in sales across other automakers.

2. Exclusivity

Cadillac is unique not only because of its great variety of models (which includes crossovers, sedans, coupes and SUVs), but also because of its limited numbers. Each year it produces only a fraction of the cars produced by other major brands (GM, Ford and Chrysler). Furthermore Cadillac has been marketed with exclusivity as a key feature, in fact describing its customers as “lions” who would rather “hunt than be hunted.”

3. Body Style

Cadillac’s body styles are diverse and sought after. Traditionally Cadillac has taken the front-engine luxury sedan to the next level. Its “classic” models such as the DTS model uphold this tradition in terms of luxury and style, but new models such as the SRX SUV embody this tradition practically from nose to tail.

4. Reliability

Cadillac is known for its reliability. It is no doubt due to the fact that Cadillac’s luxury cars are much more expensive to produce than other makes sold by GM, but this does not seem to be the full account of their excellent reliability. Cadillac’s success appears partly attributable to its skill at establishing and maintaining a relationship with consumers through every aspect of its business, including advertisements and promotions. Furthermore these customers have established great expectations of reliability, which make them unwilling to buy less reliable vehicles in the future.

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